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You wonder
What is GVN?

GVNTM (GatelessVirtual Network)

Is next generation of Virtual Privacy Network, invented by eMBT in 2009. After two years of development our technology can securely connect any computers for business or private information & files sharing without IT resources and dedicated hardware spending's.

About Features

GVN Features



There is no easier way to connect between two PCs/ PCs to Servers/ Mobile to PCs than GVN. Once click and you get connection



Forget hardware VPN with all of it’s maintaining costs - our solution is 100% software.



Our technology brings Gateless approach to connectivity. You can grow without need of spending resources on additional hardware

Open API

Open API

From the very beginning we designed our technology to serve all applications that require safe, affordable connectivity across platforms

Self - deployment

Self - deployment

Our solution is easy for self- deployment –You need no IT to set it up

Go Mobile

Go Mobile

Our technology can be used in mobile applications, greatly improving service capacity and save Internet bandwidth

About Services

GVN Services

Direct Files™

Our Direct FilesTM service allows easy files and documents distribution within company network with customizable security and access privileges, and secure offline copy.

Say, a “dropbox” like service, only for company employees.

Open API to VPN

Solution for Client/Server ERP, CRM and other software that enable easy and cheap communication between remote offices and HQ.


27K users in just 6 months. This product RiccoVPN powered by Gateless VPN, showed that privacy of browsing Internet as well as lack of logs at Internet Service Provider is well received service

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API for CE/IT devices

If you are producer of CE device with a storage unit, you can always use our API and SDK for enabling easy and safe content share between two and more devices.


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